David Marriot Cooper

Previous Projects
1974 - Setting up Parrys Solicitors in Herne Bay, now known as Parry Law.Herne Bay Pier2002 - Researching and reporting on bed-blocking in the East Kent Health Trust, resulting in no more bed-blocking.
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2003 - Setting up a project to rebuild Herne Bay Pier with six major international and national Companies, resulting in cash offers of up to £40m.Herne Bay Pier 2010 - Contacting and meeting senior nurses within the East Kent Health Trust and the Eastern Coastal Health Trust to improve the standard of nursing within QEQM and Faversham Cottage Hospitals. To have nurses show more compassion and understanding of patients.NHS
2014 - Promoting a unique product that will eradicate all known airborne germs, viruses and odours in all internal workplacesLightMagic.biz 2008-15 - Examples of the Policy I write for HM Government.
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Policy research