David Marriot Cooper

David Marriot Cooper, otherwise known as CooperMan or ResolutionMan, has had an extensive career over 57 years from the age of two months short of his seventeenth birthday to the present.

At the age of 16 and ten months he joined the Metropolitan Police, becoming a Police cadet at Tooting and Balham. At the age of 19 he became a Police Constable stationed in Chelsea for the next four years until leaving the Met to join solicitors in Lincolns Inn in 1966.

Over the next ten years he studied and worked as a Lawyer in many fields of Law, including major commercial and residential conveyancing, Divorce and Criminal Law. During those ten years he represented four separate multi millionaires in the property arena, where he learnt a huge amount in how to run a business and deal commercially with other people.

In 1976, having decided he would like to try his hand at Company management, he joined The Solicitors Law Stationery Group and became a Development Director responsible for 250 staff across the UK. Having turned around one Company in a Group of eight he was asked to do the same with another Company within the Group. This he did before deciding to set up his own Company, Marriots, which became the No.1 Company in the UK for obtaining Company information.

After 13 years running that Company employing around sixteen people he decided to sell the Company and go into sales and marketing. Since 1991 he has been in sales and marketing, occasionally going back to the Law and acting as an Advocate in County Courts across the South East for seven years.

As a salesperson he was very successful, being in the top six of 125 salespeople of one business at one time during the 1990s.

In the last 12 years, aside from acting as an Advocate and selling various products, he has also devoted a lot of time to voluntary work as can be seen under Projects. Most of what he does now is unpaid and done for the satisfaction of achieving something useful and helpful to other people.

Career Profile

Owner and Managing Director of the No.1 business information Company from 1978-1991.

Managing Director for a Whitehouse Group Company

Commercial Development Manager for Public Limited Company

Inventor - invented National Newspaper 'Readers Offers' in 1984

Innovator - Employee Productivity Schemes

Project Manager - East Kent Health Trust, Herne Bay Pier, Operation Redsand Forts

Policy Advisor - HM Government, Kent Police, Scottish Executive & NHS

Top salesperson - to Utility Companies, Local Authorities, commercial organisations and others

Company Doctor, financial advisor - various Companies

Former Police Officer, Lawyer and Advocate, Shadow Kent Police and Crime Commissioner

Company Systems and Structure analyst

Sales and Marketing Director / Consultant - various Companies

Mentor to young people - helping them to obtain jobs and a future career